Simple Math

A Euro-Bake partnership is about so much more than premium bread. It's about helping make the most of your menu items – one sandwich at a time – with a focus on menu sustainability, endless innovation, and profitability.

Innovation is at the heart of every menu. That's why we take variety seriously with over 50 different sandwich carriers from brioche and potato hoagies to telera rolls. Plus, with a Euro-Bake Partnership, multi-unit operators can receive support from our R&D and Corporate Executive Chef to customize breads and sandwich builds to fit their individual needs.

If there's one thing we know, it's that sandwiches aren't going out of style. Grow your menu's appeal with premium breads designed to make your sandwich offerings irresistible.

A slight increase in upfront costs can yield big rewards on the menu. Simple Math shows how the addition of a single premium bread can take your sandwich game — and profits — to the next level.


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