Euro-Bake is a Proud Sponsor of VooDoo Bash


Euro-Bake is a proud sponsor of VooDoo Bash, an annual Burger Food Fight Competition that benefits the VooDoo Chef Foundation. The VooDoo Chef Foundation was founded by Erik Youngs, also known as VooDoo Chef, to provide culinary scholarships and feed those in need in the Tampa Bay community. Since its inception, The Foundation has provided more than $100,000 in scholarships and helped feed more than 3,000 families annually. Previous recipients of the VooDoo Chef Foundation scholarships include Chef Jada Vidal, a Tampa sous chef and pop-up dinner host who's appeared on Food Network's Grocery Games and Beachside Brawl, and Chef Alexus Quiones, a Tampa pastry chef that works for the famous Alessi Bakeries.

VooDoo Bash 2024

Join us for the 6th Annual VooDoo Bash Burger Competition, presented by Euro-Bake USA! The VooDoo Bash is a fun celebration with a friendly competition, delicious food, and great music; all to raise money and support of an amazing cause. This event is hosted in support of The VooDoo Chef Foundation and their mission of providing culinary scholarships to students aspiring to grow in the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry.

Gather around to taste a variety of unique burgers prepared by competing Chefs and Cooks across the Greater Tampa Bay area. Help us determine which culinary competitor should be crowned the champion for “Best Burger in Tampa.” In addition, there will be a raffle and silent auction to help raise money for culinary scholarships. So, get ready for a feast of flavors and a rockin' #VooDie night! 


VooDoo Scholarships

The VooDoo Chef Foundation was created to promote education, nurture talent, and impact the Foodservice & Hospitality industry. Ultimately, it is our goal to help students create their own unique path in the Foodservice & Hospitality industry, and to achieve success wherever the industry takes them. Through culinary and education programs, we provide much needed support to our community in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

The VooDoo Chef Foundation has awarded over $100,000 in culinary scholarships  to students in need, and feeds over 3,000 families annually. By supporting the VooDoo Chef Foundation through donations and sponsorships, you are helping us build up the community through food and education, providing a sense of belonging to a student in need, and encouraging our students to dream big!


VooDoo Chef Foundation

The VooDoo Chef Foundation was established in 2017 with roots dating as far back as 2002. The Foundation was created by VooDoo Chef Erik to inspire our community with food and to promote education for students who aspire to have careers in the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry. Their mission is to support our community through food and education by facilitating educational programs, helping students develop industry related skills, hosting charity VooDoo events and competitions, and providing equal opportunities to all students to those in need.

The VooDoo Chef Foundation is driven to make a direct impact on the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry through their three pillars of belief – Our Passion, Our Hope, Our Future! For more information or the make a contribution to the VooDoo Chef Foundation click the link below, or contact us directly at Foundation@VooDooChef.com