Innovative Bakery Solutions

  • Exceptional Flavor + Quality: We use European-inspired recipes to craft flavorful, artisan bread with a perfectly crispy crust and moist center.

  • All-Natural Ingredients: We only source the best ingredients, because when a recipe begins with quality ingredients you end up with better bread that's better for you.

  • Long Shelf Life: We pride ourselves on providing preservative-free, flash-frozen breads that withstand the shelf life demands of operations both big and small.

  • Unparalleled Partnerships: We believe nobody knows the business better than our customers. We provide the expertise of making bread but rely on your input to know how our creations can best work in your operations.


Our Products

Discover our wide range of quality breads, including dinner rolls, burger buns, demi loaves, and more.

Our Inspiration

See our collection of recipes for gourmet burgers, top toasts, snacks and sandwiches! 

Our Solutions

We're here to meet your needs and bring a touch of Euro-Bake excellence to your offerings. 

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We offer a wide range of bakery solutions to satisfy your business needs.

Founded in 1993, Euro-Bake offers a wide range of artisan breads that are made in our bakery, located in St. Petersburg, FL. Our creative and expert bakers are the pioneers behind our new products and flavor profiles that continue to push the limits of what consumers believe artisan bread to be.

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