Partnership With Chef's Roll

Partnership between Chef's Roll and Unibake

Boost your burger sales with our crafted recipes! Discover the Chef's Roll burger recipes for success.

Mushroom Swiss Bison Burger

Miso Mushroom Swiss Bison Burger with melted swiss, shiitake mushrooms, red onion, and miso chive mayo on a Euro-Bake potato bun.

Carnitas with Loaded Tots

Carnitas. Loaded. Tots. Do we need to say more??

Chorizo and Egg Brunch Burger

This is the chorizo and egg brunch burger with onions, peppers, and queso sauce on a Euro-Bake Hatch Chile bun

"Make Me Melt" Bacon Burger

This is the "Make Me Melt" Bacon Burger with jalapeños, creamy queso, hatch green chiles, grilled onions encased in a Euro-Bake Hatch Chile bun.

Foie and Spam Sammy

Foie and Spam Sammy with berry jam and a runny egg on a Euro-Bake potato bun.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

Spicy fried chicken sandwich topped with fried pickles and a warm purple potato salad on a Craft Beer Bun.

Carolina Gold Beer-Braised Pork Burger

This is the Carolina Gold Beer-Braised Pork Burger on a Euro-Bake Craft Beer Bun.


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