Burger Architecture

Building your burger with the right architecture

Harmoniously putting together your gourmet burger ingredients is as equally important as which ingredients you choose. “Burger Architecture” is the art of building the perfect burger.

All element of the burger must work together to compliment and support each other. One false move – or poor piece of architectural planning – can spell burger disaster!


See the video with sound here.

Don’t just take our word for it… here are the wise words of two of London’s most eminent burger experts:

Nick Andrews – Burger blogger @hamburgerme : “The combination of some fantastic ingredients.. with all the elements working together in harmony. Bun, beef, toppings, condiments, salad… all have to have their place in that burger”.

Gavin Lucas – Burger blogger @burgerac : “If you put them (the great ingredients) together in the wrong order they will slip around and slide out of the bun. Burger Architecture is about putting the ingredients together in a way that makes them really delicious”.

Our selection of buns bring different architectural elements to a burger menu – all have their own characteristics and strengths.

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Burger Architecture

The art of building burgers

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