Did you know over 50% of consumers state they are willing to pay more for burgers made with high-quality ingredients including breads, proteins, cheeses, and sauces? Up your menu's visual – and flavor – appeal with premium European-style breads baked right here in our Tampa Bay bakery.

Crafted in Tampa Bay

Euro-Bake has been serving central-Florida foodservice businesses European-inspired, artisanal breads from our St. Pete bakery for over a quarter century. We put European-inspired techniques and traditions to work to develop a bread that works for you, using all-natural ingredients, and no chemical preservatives ever. With a full selection of par-baked and fully-baked breads, we offer tailored recommendations based on your operation to move your business forward.

Let our bread move your business.

The Math is Simple

Menu sustainability plus innovation plus profitability equals a Euro-Bake partnership. And we want operators everywhere to be part of the winning equation. With Simple Math it's easy to see how our premium breads and buns help make the most of menu items — one sandwich at a time.

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